Good People

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller,

Actors: James Franco, Kate Hudson, Tom Wilkinson, Omar Sy,

Directors: Henrik Ruben Genz, Marcus Sakey, Kelly Masterson,

Production: Millennium Films, Entertainment 360, Material Pictures

Duration: 90 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 24 September 2015

Countries: USA UK Denmark Sweden

Anna and Tom, a married couple living a normal life want to start a family but are struggling financially. Then, just as they are about to lose their apartment, their tenant who had been renting their basement dies and they find a lot of money hidden there. The money belongs to a very dangerous man who naturally wants it back and both Tom and Anna have to decide whether to keep the money and risk their lives or give the money to the cops and start all over again.

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Not sure why people review or have opinions about things they know nothing about. It would be similar to myself reviewing a Korean movie and saying it was bad. It could have been bad, but since I haven't got a frame of reference of knowing Korean culture, it might be arrogant and presumptuous to postulate? It's a well acted movie, well paced and completely in line with something British. Not the slick superficial production of an American movie but a dyed in the wool type English gangster movie. Not Guy Ritchie clever, but something that could happen and exactly how it might happen. The villains were believable and so to was Franco and Hudson. Wilkerson delvers his usual excellent performance and the set was superb. Exactly the kind of motors that a contractor or villain might have. The right flat and in the right neighborhood. Only complaint would be having Anna Friel act so little. Totally excellent actress and such lovely crumpet as well. Needed to see more of her. Excellent movie with brilliant understated acting. And Hudson's bum to booth!

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