Curious George

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy,

Actors: Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Eugene Levy, Frank Welker,

Directors: Matthew O\u0027Callaghan, Ken Kaufman, Ken Kaufman, Mike Werb, Margret Rey, H.A. Rey,

Production: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Martin Movie Productions

Duration: 87 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 25 May 2006

Countries: USA Germany Taiwan France UK Canada Philippines South Korea

The man with the yellow hat named Ted Shackleford works at a natural history museum that's fallen on hard times. The museum director's son wants to turn it into a parking lot, but Ted offers to bring back a mysterious idol from Africa that's guaranteed to pull in crowds. Unfortunately, the idol turns out to be three inches tall. But Ted accidentally brings back a lonely yet irrepressible monkey, soon dubbed George. They set off on a non-stop action, fun-filled journey through the wonders of the big city toward the warmth of true friendship.

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Here I am, taking my 2 year old to a movie expecting to be bored stiff. Much to my surprise, my 8 year old also enjoyed it, and my 2 year old sat enraptured and watched the entire movie without a peep. And then talked non-stop about it for the next couple days. That is enough for a positive rating, but I also found myself enjoying this cute movie. Usually for that to happen the movie makers have to put in scenes just for the parents that the kids don't get at all, not here, I found myself chuckling at the same things my daughter did. Just simple innocent monkey business and a bumbling Will Ferrel, it needs no more. I even thought the additions by Jack Lullaby Johnson added to the movie, not just to put the parents asleep. We will definitely end up with this movie on our shelves for the kids, and even the parents can watch it one or 2 more times without going out of our minds with the typical substitute stupid for cute fare that usually passes for children movies.

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