Pulp Fiction

Genre: Crime, Drama,

Actors: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis,

Directors: Quentin Tarantino, Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary, Quentin Tarantino,

Production: Miramax, A Band Apart, Jersey Films

Duration: 154 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 3 November 1994

Countries: USA

Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) are two hit men who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia (Uma Thurman) out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) is an aging boxer who is paid by Wallace to lose his fight. The lives of these seemingly unrelated people are woven together comprising of a series of funny, bizarre and uncalled-for incidents.

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A masterpiece? Do me a favour! Perhaps it's because of the hype that surrounds this film, but I was really disappointed with what I saw. Two and a half hours was too long in my view, and nothing particularly out of the ordinary happens. I didn't find it clever, nor were the "unforgettable" scenes like the dance between Travolta and Thurman or Samuel L Jackson's speech unforgettable. Maybe because cinema has advanced so much since 1994 that I would have had to watch it then to appreciate it, but I only recently saw Hitchcock's Rear Window for the first time and enjoyed that immensely. People go on as if this film has the best storyline and gangster scenes ever but quite frankly, it doesn't. Moreover, I found Natural Born Killers more affective for it's style than Pulp Fiction. It does have some good scenes, and I was rooting for Bruce Willis' character throughout, but I saw nothing that makes this film outstanding or worthy of being so high in IMDb's rankings.

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